Luxury travellers should be amazed with Corfu

Ready for some much-needed pampering? Why not treat yourself to an amazing luxury holiday experience in Corfu, the emerald island of the Ionian Sea, with its Venetian charm and refined character.

Luxury holidays in Corfu promises you a lavish experience, against a background of azure waters, rocky coasts and stunning natural landscapes. Seize this opportunity to make your next summertime getaway a truly enchanting and memorable adventure.

Whether you are planning an escape for two, a family trip or a friends gathering, It is not just the quality, luxury provisions and exclusiveness of Corfu’s high-end resorts and luxury villas and apartments; it is the Venetian ambience of the Old Town, the crystalline waters of the Ionian Sea, the culinary delights and tranquility of its lush nature that immediately set the mood for a relaxing and luxurious stay.

Experience the hidden beauty of Corfu’s coastline by accessing some of the most remote, pristine beaches, concealed under sheer cliffs and olive groves in your yacht. Dive into crystal clear waters and feel as if you are the last people on the island… or the first people to ever walk that beach.

Try out local products and stunning dishes bursting with flavours and plan a fine dining experience in some of the island’s best restaurants. Pamper yourself with a personalized beauty treatment, or just enjoy a slow day of soaking up the sun and recharging your batteries next to your private pool. Or go on your own adventure, exploring Corfu’s lush mountainous interior. Corfu is known to seduce every visitor, regardless of their idea of a dream holiday.

The ideal luxurious trip starts with finding the perfect holiday accommodation in terms of amenities, location and aesthetics. Browse our list of the best luxury villas and holiday homes, find the one that speaks to you and start planning your luxury holidays in Corfu today.



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