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East Corfu, Greece

Ipsos is a lively resort, buzzing with youthful energy, bringing together the best of beach life. Best known for its busy nightlife, Ipsos attracts visitors for the wealth of tourist facilities available, clear waters and cosmopolitan atmosphere. The resort rests within a large bay, cradling the waters of the eastern coast. The beach here is long and narrow, covered in a mix of sand and pebbles, shelving gently into shallow waters. Despite the bustling nightlife it promises, Ipsos is also quite welcoming to families or those seeking more peaceful holiday moments. The village of Ipsos that rests behind the main road, removed from the busy coastal road, as well as the northern and southern ends of the resort itself, are more quiet and suitable for a relaxing family holiday.


Ipsos is located in a large bay, on the north-east coast of Corfu, 15km north of Corfu town and rests at the foothill of Mount Pantokrator. It is situated just after the popular resort of Dassia. The southernmost part of the strip of Ipsos curves, forming a small charming marina.


Ipsos is the perfect place for groups of young people who want to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere and busy nightlife. However, it is equally inviting for all visitors who want a taste of this lifestyle, while distancing themselves a bit from the crowds. Approaching the southern part of Ipsos, getting closer to the small marina, and leaving the main coastal road behind, one comes across more tranquil areas, ideal to welcome families and people looking for a peaceful time.


Ipsos can be easily reached from Corfu town and Dassia, using the frequent bus service, or by car; the main coastal road runs through Dassia and meets Ipsos immediately next. Same goes for the road connecting Ipsos to Barbati and Kassiopi; though you need to be careful because this part of the road is steep and, in some parts, winding.

Things to do

While you are in Ipsos, you will get the chance to dive into the bustling nightlife in one of the many pubs, fancy bars and nightclubs found in this region. The main road that crosses Ipsos is also lined with shops and various restaurants, with lots of dining choices to choose from. The beach is highly organized, providing sun beds and the necessary tourist facilities, as well as water sport opportunities. The southern edge of Ipsos is home to a lovely, small marina, which is the ideal place to take a lazy walk, if you want to distance yourself a bit from the busy coastal road, and admire stunning views to Corfu town.


Do not hesitate to visit one of the villages nearby. Take any one of the uphill roads starting from Ipsos and start exploring inland Corfu, with its picturesque villages, serene atmosphere and lush nature. The northern edge of Ipsos meets Pyrghi, a quaint fishing village, representing the authentic, slow-paced lifestyle of Corfiot villages. Finally, it is well worth visiting the traditional village of Agios Markos, if you are into a bit of sightseeing. This medieval village is situated within a wooded setting, among gentle hills and boasts unique Venetian architecture.


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