Unique family holidays in Corfu with your most loved ones.

Considering family holidays in Corfu?

With plenty of family holiday homes and other accommodation options available in Corfu, your next family trip just got a lot easier!

It is the unspoiled natural environment, the safe, pristine beaches, the quality of amenities and, most importantly, the generous hospitality shown by locals that make Corfu the ideal family holiday destination. It is a place that offers something for every member of the family, regardless of age, so that everyone can have a good time and enjoy a fun-filled holiday.

What most kids love about summer is having fun at the beach and in Corfu you will have countless options to make your kids happy. There are plenty of safe, sandy beaches for your kids to play at, with shallow waters to paddle in and all the necessary amenities available for a stress-free stay. If your kids are older or just keen on sports and you all want to stay active at the beach, you can do so just as well with plenty of water sports available on most beaches. There are also several water parks on the island, an all-time favorite with kids, which are perfect for a visit with your whole family.

Traveling with your kids can be one of the most valuable memories you create as a family. It is a chance to spend some quality time with the little ones, which can be at once entertaining, exciting and educational. So both adults and younger members of your family can equally benefit from a family trip.

With innumerable opportunities to have fun while exploring the island’s natural beauty and cultural past, Corfu is the ultimate destination for an exciting family trip. Corfu is a safe and welcoming destination that boasts stunning beaches, rolling hills covered in olive groves and friendly residents. The possibilities for a family trip are endless!

Corfu has a rich and diverse history, showcased in its fantastic museums and cultural sites that you can visit with your kids for an exciting day of learning and discovery.

No matter how you choose to spend your time in Corfu with your loved ones, you can start by checking out our selection of ideal family friendly apartments and holiday homes, carefully chosen to cater to your family needs.



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