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West Corfu, Greece

Palaiokastritsa is incontestably one of the most visited destinations in Corfu, for all the right reasons. The unspoiled natural beauty of the landscape does not fail to impress even the most travelled of visitors. Crystalline waters wash the small beaches dotting the coves, against a backdrop of sheer slopes clad with rich verdure, olive and citrus groves. This pristine setting is where Ulysses’ ship was allegedly washed out. Paleokastritsa spreads over the mountainside all the way down to the stunning coastline where it curls up into six individual coves. The main beach is that of Agios Spyridon, the only sandy beach of the six, which attracts most of the visitors. Despite the resort’s development and intense tourist activity, Paleokastritsa manages to preserve its authentic charm. It maintains a cosmopolitan, lively atmosphere but stays true to its peaceful original character.


Paleokastritsa is located 25km northwest of Corfu Town. Three headlands are carved into the rocky coastline, fringed by wooded hills and crystal clear turquoise waters.


This resort is ideal for anyone seeking to experience peaceful and relaxing moments within a wildly verdant and glorious natural setting. The beaches offer a number of activities for watersports lovers, as well as for keen divers. Paleokastritsa is famous for its very cold and deep waters so you might want to consider this if you are traveling with young children.


Paleokastritsa can be reached whether by bus or car. There is regular bus service during the summer months, from Corfu town but also from Kassiopi, the largest settlement in northern Corfu. The bus terminal is located right at the main beach, the beach of Agios Spyridon. If you decide to visit Paleokastritsa by car, starting from Corfu Town, remember you are crossing the island, therefore the drive normally lasts about 45 minutes, but it takes you through quaint villages and scenic landscapes.

Things to do

Paleokastritsa is a highly developed resort, featuring all kinds of services and facilities to cover the needs of visitors; shops, super-markets, restaurants, cafes and bars. Each one of the beaches comes with umbrellas and sun beds available, as well as watersports equipment that you can hire on the spot. The coastline also boasts a number of hidden caves that you can explore while snorkeling, if you enjoy diving. Renting a boat is also a great option to visit nearby small coves and find secluded spots for more privacy. In the village of Paleokastritsa you will have the chance to taste the local cuisine in one of the traditional taverns. Enjoy your lunch or sip an afternoon drink in one of the small bars, admiring the gorgeous views of the bay and the wooded setting.


The area is dominated by the Monastery of Paleokastritsa, standing on top of a hill over the beach of Agios Spyridon. This 18th century byzantine monastery offers breathtaking views to the bay and is definitely worth a visit. Paleokastritsa is also located 20 minutes from the 13th century Byzantine fortress of Angelokastro, where you can admire the remains of a byzantine graveyard as well as restored murals. You will have to climb some steps to reach the top, but your effort will be more than rewarded by glorious views of the coast.


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