Food lovers have a place in Corfu Island

In the time of your holiday in Corfu Island, it’s not possible to miss the tastes of the traditional local food of Corfu and some of the most famous Greek dishes and drinks.

The traditional cuisine that you will find on your holiday in Corfu, comprise exquisiteness delicacies that will appeal to both the ordinary traveler as well as the most demanding gourmet. In all Corfu there are some very important traditional products as local honey, extra virgin olive oil and sheep yoghurt, but also some local recipes like “Pastitsada” which is meat cooked with fresh tomatoes, onions, many spices and pasta, “Sofrito”, veal cooked in wine sauce, garlic and pepper, ‘’Mousaka’’ with different layers of potatoes, eggplants and cream and many other really excellent dishes.

These special flavors are related to the place and shape the gastronomic experience typical of the island. There are some very tasty dishes that you may be found only in a few traditional Greek taverns or in homes, but most of these, luckily, are served at most of the island’s restaurants. With your main dishes, you can order ‘’Greek salad’’ (Horiatiki) with tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, Greek feta cheese, black olives and of course Greek olive oil, which you can also find in any Greek home and traditional taverns. Don’t forget to order some red wine or white wine, produced in Corfu or some ‘’tsipouro’’ or ‘’ouzo’’ with your seafood.
If you don’t have time to seat down in a restaurant, or you just want to eat something fast, you can taste many kinds of traditional ‘’pitas’’. The most famous are filled with Greek feta cheese, spinach or ham and cheese.

You can always decide to choose ‘’Pita Souvlaki’’, which is a kind of sandwich with meat, French fries tomato, onions and Greek Tzatziki, that you can find it in all around in Greece and you should taste during your holiday in Corfu.

Of course if you’ll decide to spend your Holiday in Corfu, you come to an island, so you will find fresh fish and seafood. There are some very famous local dishes like ‘’Bourdeto’’ which is a kind of fish soup with a spicy souse made with onions, pepper, salt and extra virgin olive oil. Another very famous recipe is ‘’Bianco’’ with different kinds of fish, cooked with wine, garlic, lemon juice, vinegar and olive oil.

You can’t come for your Holiday in Corfu and leave without trying the traditional local ‘’Kum-Quat’’, which is a different kind of citrus fruit. You can find it as a liqueur, fresh or as a desert. Another traditional drink that you can find on your holiday in Corfu, is ‘’Tsitsibira’’ very tasty, is prepared with lemon oil, fresh lemon juice and ginger. You should also taste the famous ‘’Sicomaida’’ with dried figs, almonds, orange skin, cinnamon, ouzo, wine and pepper… Very tasty!



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