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About us

Holidays in Corfu is the result of a collective effort made by all members of the Federation of Entrepreneurs of Corfu Tourism Enterprises community. The aim is to create a dynamic site that brings together all small tourist units located in Corfu, providing potential visitors with all the necessary information regarding their stay on the island. This includes detailed information on all types of small and medium-sized tourist accommodation options, such as apartments, villas and bungalows, as well as practical information on everything a visitor might want to know beforehand to best organize their trip. From tips and info on locations and things to do and see to detailed descriptions of accommodation choices, Holidays in Corfu pulls together a wide range of subjects, covering all areas that could be useful to travellers. This comprehensive approach translates into a complete and handy manual that makes discovering Corfu easier than ever, and makes Holidays in Corfu, the go-to platform for both homeowners and visitors. We are committed to providing all members of the tourist industry with a functional and user-friendly space where they can showcase their professional activity in a reliable setting. Our team always strives for the best, with an eye on efficiency and high quality of services for holidaymakers.

Why Holidays in Corfu

Holidays in Corfu constitutes a reliable choice for owners and operators of small tourist units in Corfu to showcase their property. OETK operates with respect to the professional interests of all members and has come up with this complete and detailed guide to exploring accommodation possibilities all around Corfu, as well as tips and information on the best ways to enjoy holidays on the island to the fullest. On the one hand, members of the industry are provided with a platform for promoting their hard work in the best terms possible, thus stimulating the overall activity of our industry in Corfu. On the other hand, holidaymakers gain access to a an exhaustive guide for enjoying Corfu, with interesting information on locations they are planning to visit and what to do and see once they reach them, as well as cultural aspects of the life on the island that they may not have the chance to access otherwise, consequently missing out on fantastic opportunities for experiencing the authentic side of Corfu.