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Many years ago a young French couple came to Corfu. During their time in Corfu they reached Sidari. There they decided to visit Canal D’ Amour. They swam along the canal, and somewhere there, between wild nature and the sea they found an underwater path. After exploring it a bit they decided it was time to rest. There, they promised each other everlasting love, devotion, and loyalty.

Because of this story it has taken its name, Canal D’ Amour.

The locals believe so much in the power of this canal, that they say that any couple that will swim in those waters, they will stay forever together. Others believe that anyone who will swim, and is still single, there they will find the love of their lives. The reality though is that when swimming in those waters, and while having around all this savage beauty, it’s normal to feel alone and start seeking for human affection and company. Of course I can justify the locals, as Canal D’ Amour, is a unique place!

What is remarkable in this case is that it changes every year. The sea caresses the rocks, and creates a different landscape each year, making it unique and magical. The beach of Canal D’ Amour is quite small so that is why it’s full of tourists most of the time.

For those who want to discover the most unique, hidden beauties! There you can find many caves, like which you have never ever seen before. You can see under water, and enjoy a quick swim there, away from reality and all the problems of everyday life.

And since you will be at Canal D’ Amour, don’t miss the chance to see the villages around, Peroulades and Sidari.

Peroulades is a traditional village with venetian architecture. On the same village you will find villas and houses that host tourists and locals. It is generally a quiet village, without too much people, and ideal for families.

The village Sidari from the other side is completely different. It is more touristic, while the interest of the area is monopolized by its beaches. The water is going inside the earth, creating small gulps, while the sand gives to the water a unique yellow color. At the same time, all the beaches of the area have clay, so don’t be surprised if you find people putting clay on themselves.

All these beautiful images you will find them on the South of Corfu, only 35 klm from the center of the island. Despite the distance, it is worth visiting, as the beauty will compensate you!

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